What We Do

Design Temple is an independent design studio and creative consultancy based in Cyprus. We produce considered and beautifully crafted work across all platforms from print and web.

We design everything from visual identities, websites, products, displays, publications, posters and illustrations. We help brands realise themselves and improve their business through strategic digital marketing and social media. Working closely with clients of all sizes from all backgrounds, our commitment is realised through creativity, passion, and utmost dedication to our craft.

Built on a harmonious balance of understanding and artistry, Design Temple is a sanctuary for great design.

Branding & Visual Identity

A brand is so much more than a logo; it is an interactive, all-encompassing presence that works in a variety of different contexts. Brands exist in the mind as a perception of an experience and behind every brand is an underlying ideal.

The best brands communicate an ideal, send a message and tell a story. We develop your brand’s concept and convey it through an authentic and compelling design language. We express your distinctiveness through thoughtful content and an engaging visual identity. We give form to the ideas behind your brand and create new conversations across media.

Graphic Design

Communication deals with transforming ideas to understanding. Graphic Design bridges the gap between art and communication to create meaningful and unforgettable experiences. Design is concerned just as much with the obscure as with the obvious – design is in the details.

Great design leaves a lasting impact. We create stunning graphic designs and visual communications for any application imaginable. From posters, brochures, packaging, merchandise, illustrations and publications, you name it. Our expertise and obsessive attention to detail ensures we can materialise your ideas no matter the challenge.

Responsive Web Design

An increasingly diverse array of devices are being used to access content across the web. It is essential to empower users and offer them exceptional experiences, regardless of the device they are using. We believe in flexible websites that adapt to their users, not the other way around.

Responsive web design and accessibility is at the centre of what we do. We focus on the user experience to craft device-agnostic websites from the ground-up; so your product microsite, blog, e-commerce site, or online magazine will offer a compelling and consistent experience on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and who knows what else.

Who We Are

We are a compact and focussed team of partners and long-time friends whose cross-disciplinary expertise touches design, consulting and business.

Alex Savva is a multifaceted designer whose work includes the design of brand identities, logos, packaging, web design and development, user interfaces, posters, copywriting, publications, album designs, and more.

He is passionate about crafting communications through typography, illustration, calligraphy, web development, and working hands-on with unconventional media.

Harout Adourian’s versatility is demonstrated through his experience ranging from design and animation for film and broadcasting in the advertising sector to designing interactive newsletters, editorial designs, promotional pieces, websites, brand identities, and more.

He is passionate about solving challenging design problems through out-of-the-box creative thinking.

Polys Kadis has a diverse background and experience ranging from digital and social media marketing, web design, hosting and development, information and internet technologies, finance and accounting, business strategy, and more.

He is passionate about lorem ipsuming, developing engaging responsive websites, helping brands maximise their presence and exposure through digital marketing strategies.